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Digital Valve Controllers

Fisher® FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controllers

The Fisher FIELDVUE Instruments was introduced in 1994 and is a “Smart” positioner designed with diagnostics and maintenance in mind. This has become the dominant replacement technology for conventional and electro-pneumatic positioners. With over 2500 different mounting bracket designs available and travels up to 24 inch. Fisher® FIELDVUE™ digital valve controllers integrate functionality far beyond the traditional analog or pneumatic positioner. The benefits of using a FIELDVUE digital valve controller include:

  • Availability of equipment alerts to notify the user of pending issues
  • Automated configuration, calibration and tuning
  • Access to advanced levels of valve assembly diagnostics

Fisher® FIELDVUE™ DVC6200 Digital Valve Controller

The DVC6200 digital valve controller incorporates linkage-less, non-contact feedback technology, converts a two wire 4-20 mA control signal into a pneumatic output to an actuator.

Fisher® FIELDVUE™ DVC6205 Remote Mount Digital Valve Controller

DVC Remote Mount option is used for High temperature and High Vibration applications this allows the electronics to be mounted away from the Process


Safety Instrumented System (SIS): A set of components such as sensors, logic solvers, and final control elements arranged for the purpose of taking the process to a safe state when predetermined conditions are violated.

Advantages of using Fisher® FIELDVUE™ DVCSIS

  • Online Partial stroke testing of On/Off Valves
  • Partial stroke signature diagnostics
  • Check Pressure deviation and Supply Pressure
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Optional Local push button for testing