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Social Responsibility


united_wayAs a leading provider of Process Automation, Instrumentation and Asset Reliability solutions throughout Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Suriname our company continuously strives to be recognized as the premium supplier of these products and services in the industries we serve. We have over the last 17 years built a strong company based on technical competence, superior products and service excellence. Our commitment to our people, our community and our business partners continues to evolve as we grow and adjust to the increasing demands of our customer’s dynamic environment.

Sustainability of our business is clearly dependant on how we meet the challenges of an industry that requires the highest standards in terms of safety, quality and environmental awareness. In addition the strict requirements of our major clients for products and services that meet international standards, reduce risk and improve plant performance spurred us on to develop competencies or standards not yet available in Trinidad but meet those available in developed countries. Key areas of expertise include Fisher Approved Service Provider (FASP) facility, Scottish Vocational Qualified (SVQ) measurement technicians, Emerson certified training capability, Control Systems engineering and construction capability, ISO certified vibration technicians and analysts. We believe that always striving to positively differentiate our services gives our customers the leading edge can only redound to the benefit of all parties. Our people that support these different strategic agendas are truly dedicated professionals that strive for excellence in what they do and provide valuable input into the continuous improvement of their respective divisions.

Social Responsibility and our awareness to improve the functioning and development of communities in which we operate and assistance to the less fortunate is our duty as a responsible company. Process Management Ltd assists many charities throughout the country with an emphasis on those close to home. We recently started several new initiatives and continue to look at ways to expand.

Good Governance has always been a hall mark of our operations. It can only be achieved by setting a no nonsense approach from top down within the organization and developing policies and procedures that all employees must follow and support. Following in the steps of our principles and customers we have put in place a Company Code of Ethics which we rigidly adhere to. We encourage our employees to  strictly follow and be an example to their co-workers and the communities where they live.